About the Programme


Outline and the Aim


Interdisciplinary Museum Education Programme provides a broad academic and professional training in all aspects of museum education work, whilst encouraging students to reflect critically on the concept of the museum and its associated practices. It is intended primarily for those who wish to enter the museum profession in Turkey or abroad. It provides a balance of practice and theory for students from a wide range of academic backgrounds and different cultures. The programme engages with all kinds of museums, from art galleries to science museums, from memorial museums to digital museums, without specialising in any particular type. Department also aims to give the students a degree of “museum educator” or “museum education staff”.

The reasons of programme development:

  1. Museums are educational institutions.
  2. Museums of Turkey are lack of professional educational staff.
  3. There are several museum studies and museum education programmes available in various countries.
  4. Regular and National Turkish Educational Programme consider constructivist approach in educational modules and modules include outdoor school spaces as museums.
  5. Academic staffs are requested in museum studies field in Turkey.


Ankara University Museum Education Department was established in 1997. Museum Education Department in Ankara University aims to perform as an interdisciplinary department in Ankara University and also aims to educate the museum educators who will work in museums in education sections. Museum Education Department has 4 mid-terms educational process and offers high license master diploma for museum education students. Ankara University Museum Education Department also encourages national / public and private sector museums for employing museum educators in their institutions. Department is one of the most important institution which conducts museum education philosophy, museum studies and cooperate museology in Turkey.

Ankara University Museum Education Department offers these classes during a year period: Museology, introduction to museum education, museum education applications, museology in Turkey and in the world, history of science, psychology, social psychology, programming in education, research in social sciences, archeological museums, ethnographical museums, science and natural sciences museums, art museums, museum and children development, learning in museum, public relations, art education in museums, developments in contemporary museums, museum sociology, museum management, management of museum’s collection and education, education of creativity in museums and museum research studies.


A Brief History of Museum Education in Turkey


Museum is a non-profit foundation which is subservient to the improvement and is open to public, which makes researches on, collects, preserves, shares information and examines the materials that bear witness to the people and the environment they live in and exhibits these materials for the aim of education and giving aesthetical pleasure to the society (ICOM,2007).

Museums are not only responsible of the conservation, research and making science but also they were educational institutes. Today museums are the institutions which consider each activities with educational and pedagogical dimensions.  Along with the preserving, protection and exhibition functions of museums, their usage as a research and education centre for everybody enables the objects in the collections to be achievable, touchable and comparable to other facts and concepts (Talboys, 2006).

Museum Indoor Service Regulations in Turkey (1990) in Topic 5/c

“Educational courses are organized inside and the outside of the museums”

  • Museums throughout Turkey are lack of professional personnel and education departments to fulfill these functions.
  • In Turkish museums, permanent staff generally consists of archeologists, ethnologists and art historians etc.
  • The personnel who will be responsible of education in museums must be well educated and presentable.

The Aim of Museum Education Programmes:

Education in Museums must;

  • Improve creativity,
  • Improve imagination,
  • Encourage asking and scoping out
  • Encourage to make synthesis

Education Departments were established in few museums in Turkey and some educational studies have just started in the context of museum education. The personnel who will be responsible of education in museums must be well educated and presentable. Creating systematical educational activities in museums are preferential of all the education services.

The only institute in Turkey which supplies high license opportunity in Museum Education is Ankara University Graduate School of Social Sciences Museum Education Programme.